Solar Pool

Solar Pool is a high-performing, reliable, and resilient staking Cardano service. It’s a stake pool for the ADA Cardano pool with principles grounded with the best returns.

Get started with Solar Pool for regular staking rewards backed by secure and solid infrastructures.

Start Staking Cardano with Solar Pool

ADA holders can start staking Cardano on the blockchain via Cardano wallets. When staking ADA, delegates receive rewards once the delegated stake pools create blocks.

When staking, you don’t send ADA to the stake pool. Your ADA stays in the wallet, and rewards are instantly transferred to the wallet via stake pool at the end of each epoch.

Our Mission, Our Vision

Solar Pool aims to be the most reliable and trusted Cardano staking pool, this is implemented in several ways.

The Solar Stakepool

The Pledge: (X amount)₳

Variable Fee: (X% until X date)

Pool Fee: (X Amount)

* The Cardano pool and ADA pool are continuously developing technologies, so expect regular maintenance. For updates, follow us on social media!

Why Stake with Solar Pool?

Solar Pool is passion-driven for the Cardano ecosystem and aims to secure the decentralization of the Cardano network. We maximize returns for those staking Cardano throughout and over the next 5 years.

Solar Pool focuses on offering a top-notch staking service that’s profitable and safe for delegators.

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Enhanced Security

Solar Pool’s Cardano staking feature a multi-layered security system to guarantee pool availability and integrity.

We offer real-time monitoring to see where you’re staking Cardano and how it’s doing. You won’t ever have to wonder or risk any wasted epoch.

Transparency on Staking Cardano

Geo-Dispersed Relays

Our global network topology is designed to enhance reliability and speed that stretches across different areas around the world.

Every fee from our Cardano pool and ADA pool is re-pledged that offers combined rewards for delegators joining us.

Cardano Pool and ADA Pool Recycled Fees

Increased Pledge

Our Cardano ADA stakepool at aims to be one of the the best and #1 highest-pledged solo pool in the coming future. With your help and our pledge amount of 50,000 ADA we’re aiming to secure the Cardano network.

Our nodes are hosted on a fully-redundant platform across numerous sites. These have their own low-latency, increased bandwidth connection.

High Availability

Experienced Developers

We have expert system engineers and developers who operate the stake pool infrastructure. As Solar Pool’s participant, you can be sure that our Cardano pool and ADA pool will be available 24/7.